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first episode of this series was on last night, and it rocked. i loved the visuals and the animation and the story about carl sagan and neil. watching it, we all had the same reaction -- we're so small and insignificant. and the multiverse bubbles were sooo cool. can't wait for next week.

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haven't watched the simpsons for a couple of years now, but i do pay attention to the cool guest directors they have for the couch gags. this one is really cool.

volunteered there today and tuesday, making glass tiles of various designs for an arch commission in DC. my first time working with glass, and i like it. a lot.will try to get pix of these once they're fired also.

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tim tate, at the washington glass school, sent out a call for volunteers to help with a piece commissioned for southeast DC. thought i'd be cutting glass or something like that, but i actually got to create some art. made two tiles, one of which should be pretty cool and one that's a kinda throwaway.

made a stencil for the cool one and put down some green glass powder. then some purple dots and some darker green graffiti. thumb sore from the exacto knife -- i made a pretty detailed stencil. tomorrow i'll try something bigger i think. not so tiny.

should be school for the kids, but if not, they can come with me.


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