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cut these last fall, have been using my new acrylic pens to detail. the LEDs should work, but i haven't tested them yet. and i have the blue bottles ready. next is to get the lights all set, the electric all working, and then hooking up to the source, and actually placing it all in the front yard. once we get back from guatemala, it WILL happen. really.

It's the third of April and the weather was warm enough for me to finally get into the garage. Whoo hoo! I cut and glued the wood for my mom's (late) birthday present. Great to feel the grain under my fingers and smell the sawdust. Ah. Methinks spring has finally arrived.Sent from my iPhone

probably couldn't bring myself to eat them, but i'd love to show them off if i had actually made them. but if they were gingerbread, no problem either way. cause i don't like gingerbread. chocolate chips, that's another story.

here's the framework for the arch and a mockup of the finished piece.


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