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really makes a BIG difference. this was pretty hard to get a decent picture of, but it's done. i've finished the "blue lights" installation along the perimeter of our front yard.

here's the panorama photo of one-half of it:


and here's a part of it in the dusk:


you can check out the rest of the pics here:

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wired ran a piece about Lauren O'Neill's airport art, called "Holding Pattern." rumbling through google earth, she cropped interesting runway designs, focusing these highly detailed studies of airport runway patterns. easy to see why madrid is her favorite: the geometric patterns are quite stunning,


especially when compared to some of the mishmash designs of others, like wellington, nz, which is still cool, but haphazard, really.


anyway, check out her tumbler here:

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This is her combination birthday Mother's Day present.





films of old and new london mashed up. this is neat.


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