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so after submitting a not-likely-to-be-approved proposal to sandy spring museum last week, i've been fixing things up. the legs on the table that broke (when a large body fell on it), the clothes dryer, the dripping sink, and today, one of the blue lights in the yard (soldering a very thin connection). in the back of my head, though, i've been thinking about the next project. a lot. it's already september, and i need to get started cutting before the cold infiltrates the garage and my hands.

voila! no idea where i'll put it, so i will probably immediately try to sell it, but it will be this gigantic wooden flower-shaped sort of sculpture. petals will follow the numbers of a clock and kind of explode from the ground. the middle will be a giant stamen with links hoops and swirly things at the top. lit, of course.

psyched to go get some 3/4 inch wood tomorrow. whoo hoo!

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saw this on facebook today. the planning must take so long.

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when a piece pops into my head, basic shapes form and grow. eventually, after cutting the wood, colors, design (if any), and any additional media float in. can't actually remember a time that i've set out to create a representational piece. actually, yeah, i painted a mural in Marxe's room of the desert and lizards years ago. does the bottle tree count? but otherwise, nah, the shapes and circle-y waves inaugurate it all. weird to name a piece, which happened with the spirally contraption i created for the 'artomatic takes flight' exhibit (opening tonight).

finally just wrote 'tsunami galaxies' on the title line, which amalgamated the two main ideas i liked best. not necessarily how i see the piece (are there suns in there?), but it seemed better to name it with something instead of 'untitled,' which approaches parody in its un-uniqueness. my own prejudice against abstract art, huh? but now anyone seeing the piece will see waves or galaxies instead of what they may have imagined of their own accord. two-edged sword.

maybe next time, i'll be ready to let the art speak for itself.

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saw this piece yesterday at the smithsonian american art museum. all wood, cardboard, wire. all at eye level.




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