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    just finished the glitter, in which i am now covered. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1577.JPG and doweling the four pieces of the center stalk. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1578.JPG  and i'm psyched cause i came up with the perfect name for the gigantron piece: exsilio! latin for spring, leap, or burst forth. i like it. 

    basically, all that's left is to varnish the sides of the center stalk and cover the bottom puzzle-y piece in black satin. it's actually time to start thinking about the next project... wow. almost feels like i've given birth. this has taken nine months.

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    so i've taken what i feel is a big step by committing to the very tiny, very local, probably very little attended Town of Chevy Chase art show. it's the beginning of june, and i plan to have the big gigantic fountain/flower piece done for it. would be very cool if i could sell it then, but i'm not getting my hopes up.

    then the URBN market bethesda invite shows up in my inbox and ... huh. just writing this, i realized that no way will i be able to show there. i could have maybe 2-3 pieces, and that just isn't right, right? most people who do these sorts of things have their tents, their set ups, their backlog of material. i have none of that. not ready.

    i'll see how the TOCC thing goes, and if i don't sell it, we'll move forward with a pop-up show somewhere in bethesda.

    good talk. thanks. 


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