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    started completing the application, because, well, why not? but then it got to the part about income from art and accomplishments as an artist, including stuff like fellowships, exhibits, etc. and of course there's zilch for me. i could probably create an interesting yarn there, and i actually started to do so, but the whole self promotion thing just seems too overwhelming. in a way, this is the most selfish reason for my wanting artomatic to work out this year -- so i can display this giant piece i'm working on. oh, and here's a picture of its current state:


    i would truly like to sell some of my pieces, and it would be nice if others recognized and appreciated it. but it's not necessary. so i'll keep going how i'm going. deep breath. 

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    finally got Tsunami Galaxy up on the website. and it's UP FOR SALE!!! yes, you can be the owner of this wonderful solar piece! email me if you're interested. fits on a desk or table top. just nowhere left to put it in my house.

    tsunami galaxie front.jpg


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