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    when a piece pops into my head, basic shapes form and grow. eventually, after cutting the wood, colors, design (if any), and any additional media float in. can't actually remember a time that i've set out to create a representational piece. actually, yeah, i painted a mural in Marxe's room of the desert and lizards years ago. does the bottle tree count? but otherwise, nah, the shapes and circle-y waves inaugurate it all. weird to name a piece, which happened with the spirally contraption i created for the 'artomatic takes flight' exhibit (opening tonight).

    finally just wrote 'tsunami galaxies' on the title line, which amalgamated the two main ideas i liked best. not necessarily how i see the piece (are there suns in there?), but it seemed better to name it with something instead of 'untitled,' which approaches parody in its un-uniqueness. my own prejudice against abstract art, huh? but now anyone seeing the piece will see waves or galaxies instead of what they may have imagined of their own accord. two-edged sword.

    maybe next time, i'll be ready to let the art speak for itself.

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    saw this piece yesterday at the smithsonian american art museum. all wood, cardboard, wire. all at eye level.



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    with beads or without?



    and with or without the beaded sprial?



    it would go here


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    Decided to glue the pieces together instead of interlock them. Also got help from tim slagle (yaaa!) to put the LEDs together with a solar cell. A trip yesterday to this awesome bead store brought some more materials in, which I will work with tomorrow. Also have to figure out how I will make room for the solar cell. I only have 16 inches in any direction to work with. Fun!




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    have to go check out my panels!



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