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    So many amazingly cool things here today. Met a man from Kenya who builds bottle houses! I can't wait to see how his turns out.

    Saw an awesome Chinese opera with a kung fu troupe, a ribbon dancer, a guy who plays an oboe trumpet kind of thing, and best of all, a man who does a facemask dance.

    We danced to some Kenyan music and ate some Kenyan food. Hot, but a good time was had.


    Ribbon dancer



    Two of the masks that the dancer constantly was changing. How, we know not.


    The king fu troupe


    Fabric art

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    really makes a BIG difference. this was pretty hard to get a decent picture of, but it's done. i've finished the "blue lights" installation along the perimeter of our front yard.

    here's the panorama photo of one-half of it:


    and here's a part of it in the dusk:


    you can check out the rest of the pics here:


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