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    by tom drury is small but potent so far. here's a quote from page 56:

    "Pierre's lawyer leaned toward him, bringing along a fog of cologne like the gift shop have a failing hospital."

    pretty neat, huh?

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    we were traveling across the country, which was a fantastic trip. one of the highlights was visiting this guy named Floyd Johnson and his wife, who live on a few acres of land about five miles north of cortez, colorado. most of you have heard me talk about him before -- he makes 'pipe people.' the bottom picture is floyd.






    anyway, floyd and his wife joyce were very generous to us, inviting us in for lemonade and giving us an entire tour of the property. we intended to stay 30 minutes and ended up there about two and a half hours. floyd is awesome.

    when leaving, i tried to give floyd a donation to help with more art-making, but he wouldn't have it. i asked him if i could send him some paint instead, and he said sure. so yes, in my second day of catching up on old promises and to-dos, i finally just ordered and mailed floyd's paint. i have to send him a letter now also, cause i'm sure he won't know where this paint is coming from and i couldn't include a note.

    wonder how his property looks in the snow.


    here is my test blog. i will see if this works -- my uploading a blog entry via email. whoo hoo.

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    not so fast. last night, tired eyes recognized something missing. the whole 'about' part. which i don't know if it really needs to be there. but something does. so i started re-arranging the menus, etc. but brain wouldn't let me do it right. so i went to sleep (and completed 4th nyt crossword puzzle in a row!).

    woke up with purpose today, banish the snow and all. so first i fixed 'deserve.' right hand back in one piece and both hands back where they belong in the arms. yaaa. next i got to work on the medium lamp (not on the list, but did it anyway), which hasn't lit up for about a year. no idea why. but i completely re-wired it and voila! yaaaa. next to 'empathy.' went through all my ooooold sculpey and found enough white-ish for a new skull in the yellow part. sculpey cooking, tore out the used clear yellow sheeting holding in the two skulls (one was hanging by a thread). gluing those back into place. then pulled 'weight' down and re-affixed the faceless central uterus woman and the barbie within the woman. yaaaa.

    onto the finishing touches of this website. 

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    finished it all. couple of little minor things wrong -- let me know if you find them. probably just things a copy editor or hyper critical viewer (me) would see. but i'm pleased.

    if it would just stop snowing and being cold and wintry, i could get back to the garage and test out my new biscuit joiner.

    actually, i'm going to put it in writing here. my art project to-do list.

    • fix the legs on the stone-looking basement table
    • tile that one area in the basement with a coolio design
    • fix the various mishaps with deserve, weight, empathy, bottle cage
    • make mom's mail holder thing
    • finish the front LED/wood piece
    • figure out what kind of piece to do with all mo's college recruitment letters

    i'll just lay back now and revel in the warm glow.

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    accomplishment. i re-did the whole site in joomla, used phocagallery to bring it a more professional look, and figured the work-around for the multimedia parts. so yeah, you can still see my metrophonic piece of five years ago, and it will look better now. actually, you won't be able to see it on an iphone cause it's still flash. but i did it. and i'm proud.

    now if the weather will just warm up and winter will get the hell out of dodge, i can start working in the garage again cutting wood and moving forward forward instead of treading water creative-wise.


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